Essential Oils to Help Headaches

We’ve all been there you’re stuck in traffic while driving home from work. Of course now you are an hour late getting home to start dinner. The kids are bugging the living daylights out of you. Now you have this massive headache.

At some point in our lives we have experienced having a headache. Stress will cause one, so will sugar, your spine being out of whack, hormones, and a rise in blood pressure.

When we get a headache, most of us grab a couple of acetaminophen. WebMD has an oral warning on acetaminophen “taking too much acetaminophen may cause seriously (possibly fatal) liver disease.” Wow, I’ve known myself at stressful times to take more than the recommended dosage in a day.

The livers purpose in our body is to clean our blood; it also helps in metabolizing drugs and chemicals from our body.

We put so many chemicals in our bodies. It’s bad enough to consume the ones we don’t know about, but worse when we consume the ones we do know about. That is why more people are turning to alternative medicines to use instead of drugs.

A double-blinded controlled placebo crossover studies done at Christian-Albrecht University in Kiel, Germany found oils successful in helping relieve pain from tension headaches where acetaminophen is typically used. The oils will help support circulation; diminish spasms in the muscle, and shrinks inflammatory effects.

Some of the oils which are known to help with headaches are; wintergreen, lavender, German chamomile, clove, copaiba, eucalyptus and myrrh.

Combine these oils to create a couple different recipes to battle your headache without drugs.

4 drops of wintergreen
2 drops of lavender
3 drops of German Chamomile
1 drop of clove
2 drops of copaiba

Or try

4 drops of eucalyptus
6 drops of peppermint
2 drops of myrrh.

When using the oils individually or combined like above. You can rub them on your forehead, temples or the base of your skull. Get someone to massage them to the top of your head. Before long you’ll be relaxed and the headache will be gone.

The recipes are best used when you have those intense headaches; however the oils by themselves will help with regular headaches.

All essential oils are not the same. I recommend therapeutic grade Healing Natural Oils which can be applied topically, inhaled or ingested. Using something other than Healing Natural Oils might not give you the same results.

When using the spicy oils like clove, peppermint, wintergreen etc., dilute them with pure vegetable oil so to not burn your skin.

Essential oils not only help headaches, but has lots of other medicinal uses. Experience a natural alternative to drugs, and consider Healing Natural Oils.


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