4 Low Carb Tips For People With Type 2 Diabetes

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Over 29 million (9.3%) of Americans have diabetes, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those with diabetes, one in four doesn’t know he or she has it. According to the National Diabetes Statistic Report, 1.7 million people 20 years or older were newly diagnosed with diabetes just in 2012.

The most common form of diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes
, which causes the body not to produce insulin properly. Many diets have been proposed to help cope with the disease, but studies published by the National Institute Of Health and on Diabetesjourals.org have shown that diets low in carbohydrates have proven to be more effective at weight loss among people with Type 2 Diabetes, as well as effective at maintaining blood sugar levels.

The reason for this is pretty simple. Your body converts carbohydrates into glucose, which raises your blood sugar. Refined carbohydrates, like white bread or white flour, is processes basically in your body as refined sugar, and converts faster into glucose than unrefined carbs, like whole grains and fruit, which slow the conversion process down. Continue reading “4 Low Carb Tips For People With Type 2 Diabetes”


Why Sugar Ruins Your Waistline

Often when we find our waistlines expanding, we are quick to blame the fat we are consuming in our diet and immediately begin to cut that without looking at the other factors that might be causing weight gain.

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Natural Remedies For Women – 7 Tips For 7 Common Complaints

Food is great natural medicine, but not only in the medicate-yourself-with-chocolate way. Foods are not only rich in minerals and vitamins, they are also packed with immune system supporting phytonutrients that reduce inflammation and defend us from chronic disease. Thus the next time you find yourself suffering jet leg, sleeplessness, or some other kind of ill, remember to tell yourself: “There is food for that!”

Take a look at these home remedies for women as prescribed by some of the key experts in this field.

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