10 Real Risks For Heart Disease In Women

HeartDiseaseRisksWhat is Heart Disease?

“Heart Disease” is difficult to narrow into one particular category. It is an umbrella term that can refer to defects in the heart or blood vessels present from birth, enlarged hearts, or inflammation in the lining of the heart. The kind of heart disease that is widely discussed in popular culture, however, is atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), which is often directly linked to lifestyle habits like diet and an active lifestyle. This hardening of the arteries is what often leads to a heart attack or stroke.

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How Yoga Can Improve Women’s Health

Picture7Yoga has been a cultural buzzword for almost a century. Its practices and techniques have made claims to affect everything from blood circulation to insomnia. Whether by a friend’s anecdote or through a new story shared on a Facebook feed, women have heard of this practice. There are benefits to women’s health through the practice of yoga exercises.

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